Field of activity

Commercial activities and marketing advice

We provide our clients with all business and marketing services needed for business activities in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and European Union.
We are ready to analyze the markets, the product and its competitive strength; further we process a feasibility study of the prospectus and we provide other services relevant to the company development and placement of its products on the current or future markets.
Administration of placing the product on the market as well as providing the product with all necessary documentation as required by the law are inseparable parts of our service.
In cooperation with our clients, we focus on constructing an efficient trading network, distribution channels and customer relation management, followed by a fast expansion, most typically achieved by the means of exclusive representation on the market in question.

Economic advice; property development and prospectuses engineering


ALIMADE s.r.o.
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Czech Republic

Ing. Eduard Wipplinger

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reaching new markets

reaching new markets